Excuse me, where is the milk?

I wrote this a little bit ago –December, 2012.

Do you ever feel like there are some people that you’re just supposed to meet?

People that you might not have anything in common with or people that you will probably never see again?

I do.

Makenna and I  met a lot of amazing people throughout our trip and a lot of them I think we were supposed to meet… Why? Because they changed us, or we changed them, or we changed each other.

It’s hard to explain, it really is.

Mainly because, I don’t know these people. And to be particularly honest, I don’t know how they changed me.

Some of them we talked to for a split second – like a Mauri lady at a bakery in New Zealand. She was having a bad day and laughed when she saw us and our embarrassingly spray painted van. We made her smile and her smile was contagious.

Some of them we were only able to spend a few hours with – like one of the Wicked employees that was only in their twenties but had already experienced most of the world in a way that nobody else could understand.

Some of them took weeks to pan out – like one of the fitness guys on the ship. He usually saw Makenna and I when we were attempting to work out (and instead just sweating our body weight in water) however we were still able to talk about the stars and about life in a way that I rarely get the chance to do, especially with people I don’t know.

Some of them we hardly talked to at all – like this guy that was on the ship that we walked passed every couple of days without saying a single word and then ran into randomly at a park in Singapore a few days after the ship dropped us off. Or like the bartender, Melanie, that was working on the cruise with her husband. She had the most gentle soul that must have been felt by everyone she met. Or even the man that was selling bracelets on the street in Lombok, Indonesia that tried to convince me that he wasn’t having a good day just so I would buy something from him..

Before I go to sleep at night, I lay there and in the least cliche way I count my blessings. I think about my family and loved ones. I think about the amazing opportunities I’ve had and the places that I’ve been. I think about the experiences Makenna and I have had and how truly truly blessed I am to have had them.  And I think about these people that I have been so lucky to share my life with. These people that I am certain I was supposed to meet. These people that come and go within a split second. They make me smile and they make me believe – believe in my dreams and in myself. They make me believe that everything happens for a reason and that I am exactly where I am supposed to be.

So, next time you meet somebody in the grocery store that asks you where the milk is, talk to them. Open your eyes and let the world in. Maybe you were meant to be there, in that very moment, and maybe a stranger will change your life.

How will you know?



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