Life moves quickly.

I guess I have been away from the “blogging world” for a while… too long if you ask me.

Life moves quickly.

It can change over night, in a single moment.

The past few months, I have been going through a lot of those moments.

Some of them being more serious than others.

But, also… some of them more wonderful.

Numerous times I sat down to write an entry… but didn’t.

I felt that if I didn’t include some of the more heart wrenching details, that in a way, I would be lying… pretending that they weren’t real, and erasing them from this “cyber life” that I have created for myself.

But, I have come to realize, that isn’t particularly true.

The reason I am not explaining everything, isn’t because I am ignoring its very real presence in my life… it is simply that some things are difficult to write about and that some things I don’t feel are necessary to write about.

So, this is me… writing about not writing about things:)


5 thoughts on “Life moves quickly.

  1. I definitely need to catch up on my writing. Like you said every time I sit down to write, I don’t. It also doesn’t help that I have tons of school work to do as well.

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