Rock N Roll Marathon

Mar-a-thon [maruh-thon]: noun

A foot race over a course measuring 26.2 mi. (42 km 195 meters).

Like stated in my previous post, on June 2nd I ran the Rock N’ Roll Marathon.

It was more than just that – which I am sure if you talked to most marathoners they’d say the same! I ran the full with my sister and my cousin. My brother, my sister’s boyfriend, and my other sister ran the half. My parents, my aunt, and my grandpa, cheered us on! We were all there, celebrating my grandmothers amazing life that was sadly cut short in 2011 due to her fight against Leukemia.

Although running a marathon was one of the hardest things I’ve ever done, both mentally and physically… I was able to relax my body and power through any pain by thinking about her. I was able to see the truest of “when your feet get tired, run with your heart.”

I thought about my grandma. I thought about everyone fighting cancer. I thought about how many broken hearts and rough times it has caused, and I ran.  I ran for a cure. I ran for all of the people out there that couldn’t.

It was a beautiful day and a beautiful trip. I couldn’t have asked for anything more! The day after running 26.2miles we decided there was no better way to recover than to do an all day wine tour. At the last winery, once the whole family was about ready to trade the wine in for some carbs (surprising, I know), we decided that it would be totally awesome if we went to the Mumford and Sons concert that night… The only problem was, we didn’t have tickets and we didn’t have time to figure it out. It was now or never. Naturally, we called a cab and squeezed in a few extra bodies than there were seats and headed off to Mexico. We all danced the night away – yes, all of us, my grandpa included – and were full of smiles and laughter.

Every single time I hear Mumford on the radio, my day is immediately brightened and spirits uplifted. I can’t help but think of that wonderful night and how truly enchanting it was. I am blessed with the most loving family in the world!


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