Marathoning with Pheidippedes

Mar-a-thon [maruh-thon]: noun

A foot race over a course measuring 26.2 mi. (42 km 195 meters).

Marathon: originating from the Greek legend of Pheidippides, where a Greek messenger was believed to have ran this distance without stopping only to collapse dead after exclaiming the Athens success in the Battle of Marathon against the Persians.

This was believed to have happened around 490 BC and I am still curious as to how “marathoning” escaladed to being such a trend in today’s society.

Unfortunately, I have fallen into this whirlwind of a trap and am now, one of the many, running only to prove to myself that I am better than Pheidippedes.

Alright, enough of that silly talk – although I have to admit, this story did cross my mind numerous times while training. My oldest sister ran a marathon last year and after cheering her on from the sidelines, I realized that I should upgrade my Bucket List and change “run a half marathon” into “run a marathon.”

 After returning from my adventures around the world with my best friend, I needed something to keep me grounded. While traveling, it seemed that nearly every day we were crossing things off of our Bucket Lists. I think that the most shock about coming home was the lack of fulfillment in everyday life. — I am going to pause for a moment, I don’t mean to say that I wasn’t happy and that I didn’t want to be home. In fact, I couldn’t have been happier being back and needed to catch up on family time and simply return to my life that I have been building over the past 20+ years. — But, it was different. I needed something that didn’t involve working to work and going to school to get my degree so that I could continue working to work. It was a daily cycle that I wasn’t ready to fall back into.

Instead, I decided to run.

I ran nearly every day and followed a strict training schedule.

And every day, I was working towards crossing yet another thing off of my Bucket List.

And on June 2nd, I completed the Rock N Roll Marathon in San Diego… only to prove that Pheidippedes was, and will always be, a true legend.


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