Valentine’s Day

This year for Valentines Day, I wanted to do something fun with my buddy. I tried to think of something different and something that we had never done before… this is what I came up with:

We spent the afternoon outside painting rocks red with white hearts. It was perfect weather for sitting in the grass and soaking up the sun!

Valentines Rocks

My buddy found a $20 bill on the ground – I decided it was good karma, because he has such a kind heart. He decided to keep it safe in his shoe.

After all of the rocks were finished and the paint was dry, we put them in a bag. We decided to hide them along Congress for people to find! But first, we wanted to get some sushi at Lucky Robot – always delicious. My buddy, Travis, paid with his new $20 and with more that $10 dollars change, he left it as a valentines day treat for the waitress.

My Buddy Travis

Walking around congress looking for the best places to hide the rocks was so much fun! We got so many different reactions from everyone, and Travis and I just wished them a Happy Valentines Day and kept going.

Travis and I

After a busy few hours, I decided that Travis deserved a milkshake from none other than HopDoddy’s Burger Bar before heading on our way!

Hiddingpeek-a-booATM rock love

Valentines Day is about expressing your love and sharing it with the world. It’s about spreading your happiness and simply enjoying life – But then again, which day isn’t?

I guess it just gives everyone an excuse to say a few extra “I love you’s” and to paint a few extra “hearts.”


5 thoughts on “Valentine’s Day

  1. Delightful post,terrific thoughts for Valentine’s day.Leaving a 10$ tip was a nice gesture.All the best.jalal

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