A Quick Update On Life

It’s been awhile since I’ve written a blog.

But, here’s my thing, I don’t want to have one of those blogs where I write about my day and talk about the things I’ve done and what not. Although, I find it really exciting, I am sure most of you don’t want to hear that! From now on, I will limit my blogs to things that truly matter or things that might matter a little bit to other people…

Things I currently think are important:

My health

Throat Surgery

The past few months, I have been sick with the most random things… Honestly, I don’t even know where to start. The first week of September, while Makenna and I were in Florida, I had a virus in my lung giving me pleurisy and then a few weeks later, I got strep throat. It didn’t seem like the end of the world, I went to the doctor, got anti-biotics, and that was that. We were both amazed (and I’m not going to lie, excited) that I was the one that got sick, instead of Makenna. While we were off adventuring the world together, I would have days where I wasn’t necessarily feeling my best. But, we were living in a van and not necessarily taking the best care of our bodies, what do you expect?! Anyways, in those two months, there were numerous instances of sore throats, headaches, and pink eye. But, I took vitamins, medicine when needed, and always seemed to get better! When we got home, I decided to visit my family doctor to see what was going on… As it turns out, the strep that I had 3 months earlier, never completely went away. Leaving my December filled with more kinds of antibiotics that I can count on my fingers, two trips to the ER, an Epi Pen (which I can probably write an entire blog about in of itself), a whole lot of sleeping, and a beautiful white Christmas. Oh, and did I mention that I got Scarlet Fever? I’m pretty sure I am the only person since the 1800’s with that one. I was able to attend my first week back at school, and then had to get my tonsils, along with all that nasty bacteria, out of my body!! And here I am now, after two weeks of recovery and a whole bunch of ice cream, ready to get back on my feet!

The Rock and Roll Marathon

Dancing With Grams

On June 2nd, I am signed up to run a marathon in San Diego. Because of the recent set backs concerning my health, I am bit behind on training. I am aware that I will probably walk a majority of it and have a slower time than I would have originally liked. But, I don’t care. I am running this for my Grandma and whether I finished first, or last, I will still do my best and I will still finish.

Super Bowl commercials

This is what I woke up to every morning.
This is what I woke up to every morning.

I slept for a majority of the game and am aware that I missed quite a few commercials… Normally, I would have a bit of football talk here, but because I didn’t care for either of the teams that much, I’ll stick to the commercials. Go Bears!

Here are my top 5 commercials this year – in order.

1. The Clydesdale: “Brotherhood”, Budweiser

2. Viva Young, Taco bell

3. God Made A Farmer, Dodge

4. Gangnam Style, Pistachio

5. Lucky chair, Bud light


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