Here I Am

Here I am.
Looking back on the trip of a lifetime.
Flipping through pictures and re-living the moments as if they were truly paused in time.
Having the same thoughts and feelings run through my mind and body for a second and then third time.
Closing my eyes and smiling.
Being in two moments at once.
Feeling completely free and exactly where I am supposed to be.

Wishing Well

I wish there was a way that I could put the past few months into words. But, the truth is, I can’t. Even if I had the help of Hemingway’s unspoken implications and Thoreau’s elongated descriptions I feel as though it would still be lacking, hoping to even come close to resembling that of an iceberg – submerged deep into the ocean with a mere fraction shown for the world to see.

I have lived to the fullest in every moment.
I have danced in places that no one has ever danced before.
I have sung on the top of my lungs and whispered my secrets into the winds.
I have laughed, cried, and simply smiled at life.
And I have loved more than I have ever loved before.

Here I Am

Being able to spend this time with my best friend, my own little superhero, made me realize not only how amazing the world is in itself, but simply how amazing my world is. I have everything I could possibly ask for wrapped within the web of our friendship. If I didn’t have Makenna, I would be lost in the most familiar places. I wouldn’t be myself.

So… here I am.
Looking back on the trip of a lifetime.
Flipping through the memories that have brought me to this moment and that have made me all that I am… Constantly living, learning, and loving all that life offers with the biggest smile on my face.


15 thoughts on “Here I Am

  1. Your faithfulness is deeper, higher,longer, richer,fuller than anything I have ever seen. I thank The Good Lord for you every day. And I wish for you the very Best Year possible. I love you!

  2. just came across ur post while going through some blogs. Loved it, loved the honesty ,simplicity and perfection you wrote it with. keep it up 🙂

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