Crossing Off the Bucket List

Bucket list:

1. Komodo island
2. Great Barrier Reef
3. Skydiving
4. Climb Mt.Kilimanjaro
4. Run a marathon

There are quite a few things on Makenna and I’s bucket list, but going to Komodo Island has been on the top of it since both of us can remember.

In third grade Makenna did a project on the Komodo Dragon and we’ve loved them ever since.

Komodo Dragon

When we were playing around with dates and different adventures to go on… We decided that the VOLENDAM CRUISE SHIP was the place to be. Why? Because it stopped at Komodo Island.

Some of you might not be completely knowledgable about the Komodo Dragon, but let me inform you of their awesomeness… They are the worlds biggest lizard – being 10 ft long and weighing around 330lbs. They have white poop, because they eat their prey whole and the calcium from the bones turns it white. There are about 4,000 dragons in the world and they are all inhabited on two islands in Indonesia.

Komodo Island

Anyways, after weeks/months/ and even years of looking forward to this day. It was finally the night before arrival at Komodo Island. And I apologize for the guys that are reading this… But, it’s part of the story… Makenna started her period. And apparently, you’re not supposed to go to the island if your on your period… But, we had to go.

We were with a tour of maybe 15 people from the cruise – all of which are in their 60s… So lets just say the tour guides all knew it was us that the dragons could smell. Oops.

Good news is… After we walked in for a bit in the hot weather and got further inland, where we could see the dragons, the guides were always close by with their protection sticks in hand! Yes.. sticks.

When we leaned over to take pictures with the dragons in the back, they stood up and started waking towards us. One of the guides next to us informed us that “They smell something… And in a few minutes they will be ready to attack.” This wasn’t necessarily the most comforting thing for us – but it definitely made it exciting for everyone else that was there.

Dragons Attack

We made it out alive and even had the time to buy some wooden dragons as souvenirs from some of the locals before retuning to the ship… We later found out about what everyone else’s experiences were like at Komodo Island. Most people told us about how disappointed they were because the dragons didn’t move when they were there. However, a few people told us the story from their guides.. That the dragons were aware and awake because they could smell blood.. from the only two girls under the age of 60 on the tours. Seriously? At least they thought it was funny!

We were safe and so was everyone else with us. They wouldn’t have let us go, if it was too serious of an issue and the guides weren’t able to protect us. It just made it more exciting, ya know… Like they could easily kill us if they wanted too.

Komodo Island

That night, we cheered to crossing yet another thing off of our bucket list. Such a wonderful feeling to know that we are doing what we want to do an that we are where we want to be.


One thought on “Crossing Off the Bucket List

  1. I read a story in the paper yesterday that a dragon killed one ranger and injured another in Indonesia. It attacked them in their office. Office safety is important

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