Finding nemo instead of Prince Charming

Without realizing it, Makenna and I had gone quite a few days without talking to someone our age – and when I say “our age” I mean anywhere between 10 to 30 years older than us.

We had our first excursion off the boat to snorkel in the Great Barrier Reef. Again, since it was through the cruise line, we were happily surrounded by our more knowledgable older friends.

We woke up and were ready to go! We had a two hour boat ride to the reef, an afternoon of snorkeling time, and then a two hour boat ride back home.

On the way to one of the best snorkeling spots at the reef we were surprised to see some younger faces on board… And just to help set the scene, they weren’t too terrible to look at. The ride was a bit rocky, but with some good seats and some ‘gluten free crackers’ we were a few of the lucky ones that were able to keep down breakfast.

When we got to the reef, we had a delicious lunch before putting on our bikinis – maybe we should have thought that one through. But, luckily, we were given wetsuits to wear in order to protect us from the jelly fish. All I was thinking about was the scene from Finding Nemo with the thousands of pink jellys – although that would have been beautiful, I’m happy to say that we didn’t see any!!

We jumped in the water with our snorkels and flippers – and yet again, had one of those moments when I couldn’t believe Makenna and I were actually there!! We both kept giggling out of excitement and almost drowning as our snorkels filled up with water… oops.

We found Nemo!! And couldn’t get Dory’s song out of our head.

Just keep swimming. Swimming. Swimming. What do we do? We swim. Swim. Swim. Swim.

Eventually, time was up and we were the last ones to get out of the water. We got back on the boat to start our journey home. Unfortunately, because we got out of the water so late, our good seats outside were already taken. We took a seat inside, but it didn’t take long for the rocking boat to upset my stomach and for us to migrate to the fresh air.

Since all the seats were taken, we had to stand up in the middle of the boat. Some of the good looking chaps that worked on the boat decided to come talk to us… In a normal situation, I probably would have been thrilled…. sunkissed boys with strong accents and their hair literally flowing in the wind as we soared through the Great Barrier Reef…. Sounds kinda like a dream.

I’ll let you think about what could have happened for a moment, before I continue the story…

It was romantic really.

At first, I was able to make extremely interestingly dull conversation while simultaneously staring at the horizon in hopes of feeling a bit less queazy.
Apparently I didn’t look my best, because one of the five guys that were surrounding us kept getting me cups of ice to chew on. Oh yeah, did I mention that their were FIVE guys hitting on us? I’m not sure if it made me feel any better about myself because maybe they too are lacking communication with people of their own era.
Thank goodness Makenna was by my side and was able to take control of the conversation while I stood there having to exert all of my energy in focusing on the horizon.

Apparently, it didn’t work as well as I’d of liked it too… Because I really wasn’t feeling any better. The guys continued to talk to us and although I wasn’t able to make out a majority of their words, I noticed one of them trying to ask me out.

I turned from the horizon and looked at him, very sweetly I’m sure. I made eye contact with him for a moment as I let go of the railing and reached for my other hand… As I raised them closer to my face, I noticed that my fingers were feeling too faint to hold my grip of the blue sea sick bag as i saw it flutter, ever so gently, away from me in the wind. The tall blonde man, that had apparently been interested in going dancing with me, keenly knelt on his strong, sturdy knee to fetch my missing accessory. As he proudly looked up with his big blue eyes to present his catch to me, the boat hit a wave.. A wave just big enough to send my queasiness over the edge. And I found myself still staring, except his sparkling blue eyes seemed to have been replaced with my not so charming vomit.

I’m going to end the story here, because I think it is quite clear that there was no happily ever after. I returned to the ship, with both shoes in tact and one last cup of ice from my forever lost Prince Charming.


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