Bingo and Grapefruit

When we checked in – before getting on the boat – the first thing we were told was, “you guys are the youngest people on the cruise by a few decades.” A few decades of knowledge that we will now be in the presence of!


When we were going through security, instead of being asked questions about what we packed in our bags, they were more concerned with how we got there. They continued to ask us, “are you sure you didn’t win this?” Although that would have been nice, we did actually choose to pay for this experience.

When we arrived on the boat, Makenna and I couldn’t have been happier. We get room service in the morning with pre-cut grapefruit. Then have the option of going to aqua aerobics, bridge tournaments, book club, tie chi, or computer classes throughout the day. Then, of course, Jackpot Bingo at 3pm! It was everything that we hoped for and more!!

Bathrobe Bingo

We met so many wonderful people the first couple of days. However, the questions of our being there continued… “Do you guys work here? Are you entertainers? Are you the dancers?” We may be spending each day ‘entertaining’ the guests and each night ‘dancing’ at the Crows Nest… But unfortunately we aren’t getting paid to be here!


Makenna and I are getting a sneak peak to being old and have decided that we can’t wait till its our turn! But, right now, we are going to celebrate being US and living life to the fullest – whether that means playing bingo or eating our cookies and milk!


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