P. Shermin, 42 Wallaby Way, Sydney.

After leaving New Zealand, Makenna and I headed to Sydney for a little adventure in between our two longer journeys. We stayed with my Auntie Brie and I couldn’t have been happier.


We only had a few days in Sydney and a lot of things that we wanted to cover. We managed to squeeze a lot in on the first day. Makenna and I figured out the train station and found our way to the ferry that took us straight to the zoo! We spent the day hanging out with the kangaroos and kuala bears before making our way back to Brie’s.


That night, we went to the opera house and saw a ballet… It was one of those moments where the entire time I was simply in shock of the fact that I was actually sitting inside the opera house in Sydney watching a ballet… Yep, it still doesn’t seem real. That’s literally something that I’ve never even dreamed of doing. After the show, we sat outside a restaurant/bar and discussed our clear lack of knowledge (yet much appreciation) when in comes to ballet.

Unfortunately, the next morning I came up with some silly sickness and wasn’t able to do much of anything after that. Makenna and I still managed to have a wonderful day… We spent the morning exploring and looking for a pharmacy and the afternoon sitting outside a cafe writing postcards and admiring Circular Quay.


That night Brie made us thanksgiving dinner. It was such a nice surprise and she is literally one of the sweetest people that I know. We had a lovely dinner and laughed at all the silly things in life while simply appreciating one another’s company. I couldn’t have asked for anything more and I am so thankful that I am able to surround myself with such amazing people.

Before heading out on the cruise, we spent the morning talking and catching up on life – hoping its not another five years before I get to see Brie again.

No matter who you are, I hope that you are able to look around you and be thankful for all that you have in life.
Life truly is a beautiful thing.
Happy thanksgiving 🙂


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