German rap and canned chicken

The past few weeks have been filled with constant happiness and ridiculousness. Not a day has gone by without a lovely story to go along with it… and by lovely sometimes I mean embarrassing, entertaining, and eggcelent.

I can’t put into words how the past month in New Zealand has changed me. I not only see myself and the world differently, but I am thinking differently. I look at life in a completely different light than I ever have before and I’m not even sure what that means… But something that’s the same -and may have increased a teeny tiny bit- is that I can’t stop smiling.


I’ve never been more spontaneous or more carefree than kenna and I have been this past month. Without a single thing planned or a GPS it was very easy for us to get into the swing of just going with the flow.

Some fun and enticing new things about me…
I now like listening to German rap and Taylor Swift interchangeably with a little bit of Drake and Avett Brothers on the side. I “rode the bull” at Wild West night which is only awesome because I was in New Zealand. I can make a mean canned chicken pasta dinner and I think boxed wine is sometimes considered classy. I’m not afraid of heights when I’m 1200 feet in the air, but I still don’t like jumping off waterfalls. Kidnapping swedish girls and making them jump out of a plane is much easier than i thought. When it comes to wifi, Mackers (aka McDonald’s) is the place to be. And “sweet as” means cool.. It’s not a compliment.


But most importantly, something that I knew before embarking on this trip is yet again in the front of my mind. My friendship with Makenna is truly one of a kind. I’ve never met somebody as weird and as fantastic as her. We may be the strangest people that anyone has ever known and we may be in a lot of ridiculous stories. But we are the happiest little gooses out there!!


So… Cheers!! To life and happiness.


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