Queenstown adventures

A little bit of car trouble and a whole lot of not worrying. Our first morning on the South Island, our battery died and we had to get it jumped. It wasn’t too big of an issue and we continued on our way.

Dead Battery

We stopped in a small town called Kaikoura that I absolutely loved. I would move there in an instant… But, more realistically, in a couple of years:)

The next town that we stopped in was Christchurch. Before this, I had never seen the remnants of an earthquake. It’s a very eerie feeling knowing that all the damage there happened in just a matter of seconds and it is taking years to rebuild.

Then we headed to queenstown and still haven’t had any further issues with the whole battery situation. Our first day there, we wandered around the town, ran into a group of street musicians, and decided to find a place to sit in the sun where we could write in our journals and listen to them. We bought them ice cream as a thank you!

Street Music

The next day we ran into them on the beach, and spent the day having a jam session and sitting in a giant tree next to the water. This seemed completely out of a dream, even the tree was perfect!

Jam Sesh


We planned to head out in the morning, but woke up to another dead battery… Instead of getting it jumped right away, we decided to climb a mountain. With Makenna only having one lung, it was hard work. But, just like all of the metaphorical mountains she has climbed in the recent years, she was able to climb this one too!!


We got the car jumped, but decided to stay an extra day.
Where we were fortunate to make friends with a couple of Irish lads. (Insert “luck of the irish” joke here… I attempted, but couldn’t get it right). They played dress up with us and fit right in – sumo suites, onesies, and all sorts of hats were worn by just about everyone.

Our Irish Lads

The next morning, battery was dead again… So, Kenna and I got some ninja turtle pizza and a fanny pack that plays music and enjoyed our last day in queenstown one more time!

Ninja Turtle Pizza

The next morning, we finally brought the car to the depot in queenstown and got it “fixed” before heading on our way for real!

The car was still broken and died every time we turned it off. Which made getting gas a pain in the butt. We got it jumped about four times that day… But when it started getting late, we decided it was best not to ask random people at gas stations to help us and continued driving on our half tank of gas. As you all have probably guessed by now, we eventually ran out of gas. Because what we didn’t take into consideration was that the gas stations close early in NZ. Oops. But anyways, when we ran out of gas we were conveniently right next to a closed petrol station, so it was fine. We waited there until they opened in the morning and not only got gas but got our car fixed! Apparently the alternator was loose so the battery wasn’t being charged!

Never Run Out

We made perfect timing to the ferry in Picton and headed on our was to the North Island without any more car troubles!!


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