We went to the Hot Water Beach last night, I have no idea how a place like that could exist.

This is how it works… you find a nice little spot in the sand, dig a hole, and then sit in it. The little pool fills up with hot water from the ground, and then cold waves from the ocean come in and make it the perfect temperature.

I wanted to sit there forever.

Today we went to Narnia. Real life Narnia. CS Lewis would be proud because his words described this incredible place perfectly.


Prince Caspian

Monkeying Around

The wardrobe was a little tough to squeeze into, but other than that, I don’t have any complaints. It was beautiful!! Aslan was busy, so we didn’t really get to hang out with him.

Prince Caspian Narnia


3 thoughts on “Narnia

  1. Wow, I just thought it was one of those fiction books, a really good one of course. Wow it’s a real place, very cool, did you come out of the closet? I meant wardrobe.:)

    Love you guys

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