Flying with superman

After an amazing time up north, we headed back down to Auckland for one of my favorite days of the year, Halloween!


I was dressed as Minnie Mouse, Makenna was dressed as a Panda. and our Wicked friend Jitt was dressed as a leopard. We looked great! Unfortunately, Halloween isn’t exactly celebrated over here by anyone over eight years old. We made the best of it and obviously had a blast:)

Next, it was time to head south!!

Our first stop was in Matamata… Hobbiton. Although I have never seen or read Lord of the Rings, I still had a great time! Makenna and I fit right in at the hobbit holes and got to learn some of the secrets from filming. Yay!


Hobbit Hole

Next stop: Rotorua.

The first night here we decided to splurge on a motel!! For the first time since we got to New Zealand, we were sleeping in beds – it was so fancy! But don’t worry, after one night there, we decided not to spoil ourselves too much and stayed at a nearby car park/hostel.

Rotorua had a million of crazy distractions, so we stayed there a little longer than originally planned.

Our second day there, we decided to go rafting. We made friends with a sweet girl from Switzerland the night before and convinced her to come with us. When we got there, we realized we forgot to book – and they were already full – Bummer!

Trying To Scare Me

On our drive back to the hostel we passed a building with “skydiving” painted on the side. About two seconds later, we pulled in the parking lot. About four minutes later, we found ourselves signing papers. About 30 minutes later, we found ourselves putting on jumpsuits. About 12 minutes later, we found ourselves on the floor of a tiny airplane 1200ft in the air. And about 18 seconds later, we experienced terminal velocity.

Jumped Out Of This Guy

It was the most amazing thing I’ve ever done in my life. There was no time for fear or second guesses. I sang “free falling” on the top of my lungs the entire way up and was speechless the entire way to the ground.


Superman is even cooler than I thought he was!!


One thought on “Flying with superman

  1. You are the coolest superwomen New-Zealand has ever seen and you have to try parasailing in Queensland or Christchurch. And if you do please scream my name when you truly fly like a bird and I will smile you back from the other side of the planet. Je t’aime xoxoxoxo Annie

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