Standing on top of the world

So far Makenna and I have been in New Zealand for one week. Every minute of it has seemed like a dream. I’ve never been in such a place where every thing, every moment, and every one was so full of life.

Flowers In Narnia

— So, please don’t wake me up because I plan on sleeping in. —

After a couple nights in Auckland, we headed north. We didn’t have a plan, we just drove. We followed signs on the side of the road that led us to different adventures.

Yellow Mountains

We got a private tour through some limestone caves and got to see glow worms. We stopped at the Whangerei falls and had a beautiful walk to the bottom. We climbed up sand dunes and we even found ourselves exploring in some random caves with our rain boots and headlamps on!


We went to 90 mile beach and felt smaller than anything in the world…. And yes, our natural reaction to that was simply to attempt as many handstands in the sand as possible!

But, the most amazing thing, was when we got to Cape Reinga – the furthest north point in New Zealand. The whether was cold and rainy and it was late enough in the day where the clouds actually made it seem like night time. We walked to the tip and ran off the path to climb up a hill that was calling our names. We stood on the top of the world with our arms out. Mesmerized.


We stood there and watched the waves of the two seas crash together. We stood there and watched the subtle light shift behind the clouds. There was a full moon, and the light in the sky was almost getting brighter as the day switched to night. We stood there and watched the shining glow from the lighthouse.

Cape Reigna

That night, we laid down in our camper van and took in the world. It was late and I was tired, but my happiness kept me awake.

“That moment when you can’t fall asleep, because reality is finally better than your dreams.” – my alteration to a Dr. Seuss quote.


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