Back to the future

Makenna and I began our amazing journey on October 23rd 9:55pm. We started off time traveling into the future where we arrived in Brisbane Australia on October 25th at 6:00am.

At The Airport

After being informed by numerous airport employees that we needed to go through customs and get our bags before catching our next flight to Auckland – that’s exactly what we did. Or should I say tried to do.

Confidence is key.
We went through customs and Makenna got her passport stamped for the first time. We then waited for our bags… Until they didn’t come. Turns out they were sent straight to Auckland and we shouldn’t have gone through customs to get them. Oops. We had to get escorted through security and got our “stamps” re stamped because of “error”.


Confused on what time and day it was, we sat at a little restaurant at the airport and enjoyed a delicious breakfast! That 18hour flight had nothing on us..

We landed in Auckland and hopped right into a taxi and before we could even breathe in this fresh air, he handed us a map. “Where are you going, find it!” Wow. That was a lot more difficult than we expected. Haha. But, we were successful and soon after we pulled into a lovely garage filed with spray painted camper vans. This is where we were given our lovely Sly Van that will be our home for the next month.

IMG_2653We made friends with the WICKED workers and got to spray paint the back of a van!

Driving on the left side of the road is an adventure in of itself. But… like I said before… confidence is key!


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