On The Road Again

We went from Palm Island to Orlando, then to North Carolina, then back to Orlando, and then headed towards New Orleans.

There are quite a few stories that could be told here that I am sure are all equally as important as well as entertaining.

On the way from Orlando to North Carolina, Makenna and I got hungry and decided to stop for some KFC. As soon as we parked the car, a cute little kitten jumped right into our arms and asked us to keep him forever. I played with him while Makenna went inside and got him his favorite kind of chicken, and then all three of us continued on our way! We stopped at Walmart and got the essential items for a cat: litter box, litter, food, bowl, and a woody costume (cowboy hat included). It was great and we couldn’t have been happier together. We were the three best friends that anyone could have. Two days later, on our way back to Orlando, we stopped at a gas station that was conveniently right next to a KFC and “we lose cat.”

Our hearts were broken… however we were able to cope with our loses considering that we are 82% sure that “cat” was an alien.

While we were in North Carolina, we stayed with Makenna’s beautiful cousin Colleen. Unfortunately, a lego started to grow out of my throat on the drive up there and I had to go to the Doctor t… where I successfully freaked the doctor out, got a butt load of penicillin, and a lovely “positive” on the Strep Throat test! I didn’t get to spent too much time away from the bed, however still managed to have a great time in North Carolina. Plus, Colleen’s house – from the tiniest portion that I saw -was stunning by all means. Her two boys were the cutest and couldn’t have given us greater advice for our upcoming trip to Komodo Island!

On the way from Orlando to New Orleans, we made many fantastic roadside decisions.

We stopped at a few antique shops, all of which were filled with so much of their own character. I looked for a type writer and Makenna looked for a leather purse, but unfortunately those searches will have to continue on into the future. Even though we didn’t find what we were looking for, we had so much fun rummaging through all the random surprises.

We also stopped at a gator farm – this may have been one of our best decisions on the entire trip. When we first pulled up, I thought we had just entered into the plot of a scary movie.. we were the only car there besides a beat up chevrolet parked in the grass. The wind had just picked up and it was about to start pouring rain. We got out of the car, walked into the cabin-like building, and starred at some plastic gator heads hanging on the wall.. But, it didn’t take long for us to jump right onto the bandwagon.

Not only did I get to meet my prince charming, but we also got to go on a swamp ride. It was so much fun. The guy that drove us through the swamp was on the TV show “Gator Boys” and was hilarious! It was such a blast, I wish that we couldn’t stayed longer…

But, it was my Grandpa Butch’s 75th birthday and we had to get ready to party with him in New Orleans!!


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