Walking With Aliens


So, Makenna and I decided to walk on the beach every single day to take in the salty air and get our version of “exercise.”

And yes, in case you were wondering, walking four miles on the beach did count as a work-out and made it perfectly acceptable to order chocolate cake for dessert.

We usually went for walks in the morning – and by morning I mean afternoon – however, one night we decided to go for a walk at sunset. It was absolutely stunning! While we were walking South, we noticed that someone had drawn some weird crop circle drawings in the sand. It didn’t seem like a big deal – so we continued on our way. After walking three miles, it was getting pretty dark, so we turned around. The moon was almost full, so it was bright enough to guide us back to the condo.

We had a little over a mile left to go, when suddenly there was a bright light in the sky. It looked like a meteor and was headed for us fast. It about quadrupled its size in a matter of seconds leaving Makenna and I no other choice but to accept it… Makenna was ready to tackle me, when all of a sudden what we thought was a meteor slowed down to almost a complete stop.

We didn’t say anything for a couple of minutes and just stood there watching it. It went directly above us, then continued along the shore line in the other direction. We looked at each other, remembered the weird drawings, then immediately ran towards the condo.

Maybe it was a spaceship?

We will never know.

But, it freaked us the hell out.


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