Labor Day Weekend

Something that most of you have probably guessed… I am pretty close with my family. I haven’t seen my sister, Samantha, in a long time, we’ve each been to another country and back since we’ve last seen each other. So, let’s just say, I was quite excited when she could come visit Makenna and I for labor day weekend.

Not very often do just Makenna, Sami, and I get to spend time together… You might even say that it happens once in a blue moon. Well, maybe it happens a little more than that, but there was a blue moon the night that Sami got in and it sure was beautiful.

We  ate a late dinner together, and had some laughs because the bachelor party at the table next to us kept coming over to say hi. The next morning we woke up bright and early, I made pancakes and attempted to put coffee on – I have to admit, the coffee was awful, but I think that the crepes made up for it. We put our sunscreen on and headed to the beach! That night, we went to South Beach for an early dinner (where we ran into the bachelor party again) then came back to the condo for a little game of scrabble before bed. Turns out, Makenna is the champ and I am better when I play in French.

The next morning, Sami had to come in a couple of times before she could get us out of bed. Eventually, I got up and decided to start the morning off with hash browns! Sami’s friend Chelsey – who I love dearly – lives in Miami and decided to join in on the fun.

We had a lot of laughs together and some truly beautiful conversations.

This weekend was full of love and happiness.


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