Cheers To Us

It was Makenna and mines first night of adventure by ourselves.

We made a nice little dinner, sat outside on the balcony, and poured a glass of wine. We cheered to us, our friendship, and to life, as we watched the sun fall into the ocean.

We spent the next few days making home cooked meals, walking on the beach, and going for daily swims. We watched the sunset and kept smiles on our faces.

One of the days, as we walked along the beach, we stopped and threw back hundreds of conchs that had been washed up during a storm. There was no way that would be able to save them all – in fact, most of them had already died. But, we thought of The Starfish Story (that I just so happened to have posted on my blog a few weeks ago) and figured, why not?

We were making a difference to the ones that we could!

One of the nights that we sat outside, I was overcome with happiness. I looked at Makenna, and immediately had tears in my eyes. I thought about life and everything in it. I thought about when we first met and how long ago that was. I thought about the millions of things that could have carried us apart from one another, but smiled because they didn’t.

I smiled, because I was happy that she was in my life.

We cheered to us, and to everything that has brought us together.


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