First Weeks On The Palm

Palm Island

Charles was here for two weeks.

My mom was here the whole time… but my dad, brother, Uncle Scotty, Katrina, and their kids all came and left at different times. Getting the chance to spend time with everyone was really great.

One of the first nights here, we left the island and went to my favorite restaurant, South Beach. It is a casual restaurant right on the water in Boca Grande. They have delicious shoestring onion rings (which technically they only serve for lunch, but if you ask they will make them) and the worlds best coconut chicken. I almost want to start a whole new blog, just so I can write about it! It was topped with grilled bananas in a warm rum sauce and served with rice pilaf. It literally just melts in your mouth.

Anyways, my favorite part about South Beach isn’t the coconut chicken – surprisingly enough.

It’s the sunset.

The beach is so clear, you can see the entire sky change colours. It’s fun to just take your shoes off and walk up to the water with the sand between your toes while you wait for the food.

One of the days, my brother, Charles, Kenna, and I went to the pool and played Jackpot. I’ve never heard of it before, but it was a lot of fun. I can’t even tell you how long we were there.

Since my dad was there for some of the time, he was able to take us out on the boat. He took us for lunch and ice cream, and a couple of rides!

We spent most of our days just relaxing on the beach and talking.

It was a really great couple of weeks, and I wouldn’t change a thing!


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