DAY ONE: Flashing Lights


We left Tuesday, August 14th,  on our road trip to Florida. Makenna and I’s best friend, Charles, was joining us for the beginning of our trip before he headed off to school. It was an early morning… we hit the road at precisely 6:37am.

First stop: McDonalds for some coffee and McMuffins. I took the first shift…. The package of four starbucks double shot’s were my best friend! It didn’t take long for the red and blue flashing lights and an annoying “weeeohhhhweeeohhhh” sound to follow behind us. I got pulled over for going 8 over the speed limit and luckily got by with a warning. I was a little  freaked out, but continued driving.

 Right after we crossed the border into Louisiana, I saw a sign for “Exotic Animals: Gators and Friends.” Charles and Makenna immediately agreed, so we took a little detour! We drove a few miles down a dusty road and arrived just a few minutes after opening!
I had a little adrenaline rush from the feeding frenzy and decided to continue driving… But, it didn’t take long for us to hear another “weeeohhhhweeeohhhh” sound and sure enough I got pulled over once again. This time wasn’t so funny, because not only was I just going 6 over and cars were passing me, but the cop was really rude. Nevertheless, he gave me a ticket and we continued on our drive. Except this time, Charles took a turn driving.
We listened to a comedy station on Pandora and Makenna and I took a nap. We made it to New Orleans and found our way to our fancy hotel. We may or may not have stolen the trolley with our luggage and brought it to our room… The room only had one bed, which wasn’t exactly the adventure we were looking for. So, we called downstairs, they brought us our new keys, showed us to our new room, and then took the trolley back.
We changed and then headed for a stroll down Bourbon Street, where we stopped for a delicious dinner at The Bourbon House. Then found a nice little patio table at Music Legends Park and listened to some jazzy versions of my favorite Johnny Cash songs!
Before heading back to the hotel, we met up with one of my good friends from high school. I haven’t talked to him or seen him in ages, so it was a nice treat. When we got back to the hotel, we watched a few minutes of Cool Runnings and then fell asleep!
Day one of the adventure, I’d say was pretty successful!

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