Home For The Weekend

We got home from our Montreal and Boston adventure and had a couple of days before taking off on our next adventure.

My parents were in Florida and my sister, Sam, who lives in Dallas, was in Rwanda.

But, I got to spend the first day with my brother! We got the chance to catch up and talk about life.

I know that everyone says this… but, i’m serious. He is the best brother in the world. He is everything that I could ask for and more.

My sister, Shannon, was conviently coming in town from Houston for the weekend to run a The Hottest Half marathon. When she got into town, we had a girls night… which involved a stop at Starbucks, a movie, chinese food, and wine.

One of my really good friends from St. Edwards University lives close by and we decided to have a sleep over the night before the race. On our way to dinner, my car broke down on the entrance ramp of the highway. Carlos (my car) had to get towed away and ruined dinner plans a little bit. But, it’s okay, because everyone was safe!!

My brother’s girlfriend, Jules, was running the 10K that goes along with the half… So, John (my brother), Brian (My sisters boyfriend), Monique (my friend), and I (me) cheered on the runners bright and early!

We had a lot of fun just being goofy and having a good time. I am so proud of my sister!! She has such determination and dedication, it truly is amazing.

On my last day at home, there was a huge DOUBLE RAINBOW outside my house. I got to meet up with Spencer, another one of my friends that I met at St. Eds. But, it’s a small world… We found out that we were friends when we were little, because our brothers played hockey together!

Late that night, Charles, Makenna, and I packed up the car and got ready for our adventure!


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