Pan Mass Challenge

Makenna’s cousin Michael and her uncle Tim came down to the Cape and rode in the first day of the Pan Mass Challenge. The PMC is a bike-a-thon that raises money for cancer research and treatment at the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute – in fact, it raises more money than any other athletic fundraising event in the country.

After a very late night of good laughs and funny stories, we thought it adamant to wake up at 5am and cheer on the bikers as they drove past exit 5.

This is a tradition that Makenna’s family had been doing for years… something that Makenna and I had been doing together since we were thirteen… something that we did before Makenna was diagnosed with cancer.

I always thought that I appreciated the bikers and their hard work, and I’m sure that I did… However, the difference that it made – standing there with my best friend and being directly effected by their fundraising – was a completely different experience. I wanted to make every single one of them smile, and let them know how much they were appreciated.

We cheered, danced, and sang to them while we watched the sun rise!


2 thoughts on “Pan Mass Challenge

  1. “Deborah the Closet Monster” Thank you so much, for putting a smile on my face and for everything really. It means a lot to both my friend and I, you have no idea. We are taking the semester off of school together and taking the time to travel and celebrate life:) Boston was our first stop, and the PMC was a big part of it.

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