Jellyfish Hunting And Quahogs

After Montreal we spent a few weeks in the cape… soaking up the sun and catching up on life. I didn’t have my computer with me, making it a little difficult to write. So, I am going to sum up two great weeks at the Cape, into just a few paragraphs and pictures.

A majority of the days were spent sitting on the beach with our swim suits on and sunscreen close at hand. Makenna’s little cousins showed us how to catch jellyfish and made me realize that Spongebob was a pretty talented guy!

After long days at the beach and happy family dinners, we usually ended up staying up late, talking, and drinking wine. Makenna has an amazing family and I am so happy to have them in my life.

One of the days on the beach, we did “the Johnny Appleseed” and caught some quahogs. That night for dinner, as an appetizer to our lobster we had some fresh quahog! And although it wasn’t necessarily my favorite thing in the world, it was an experience. And, hey… now I know if I’m ever stuck without a job, at least I’ll have that going for me.

A few of the nights, Makenna and I decided to get away from the beach scene and see a late movie… I forgot how much fun this was and how much I loved the popcorn. One thing Makenna and I have in common, we both like extra butter on our popcorn. But, I have to say it was pretty embarrassing when the guy working there didn’t even have to ask us anymore… he would just put a disgusting amount of butter on it and then hand it back to us, without saying a thing.

I guess I left a few crucial parts of the trip out… so, wait for another blog or two to follow.

Be happy!!



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