I got to see my best friend, Makenna, for the first time on over seven weeks. It was finally time to start our much-anticipated adventure together.


This isn’t the official “kick-off” but I mean, we did get to spend a couple of days in Montreal together. She drove up from Boston with her mom in her Grandpa’s car to pick my up. Before heading back, we made sure to soak in some of that French culture. We made sure to stop for some Poutine and Steamies – something that Makenna has heard me talk about since I was a little girl.

Then we headed to old Montreal – where we met up with my Annie again. That night, we walked around the cobble stone streets and peeked our heads into some art studios. We sat down at a cute little restaurant, on a side street with not only live music, but an acrobat show by the (not so appreciated) spiders in the windows.

The next morning, we visited the Notre Dame Cathedral where I lit a candle for my Grandma’s 75th birthday. It was her favorite church, and after walking in the doors I knew exactly why. It was absolutely breath taking.


I literally stood there for a moment in awe… trying to take in the vibrant, yet calming, colors that surrounded me, and the overall details that came together so effortlessly.


We spent the rest of the day walking the streets of Old Montreal. We stopped in numerous of the Art Galleries we had picked out the night before and were continuously inspired by the vast variety of work. We stopped for lunch at a place that was conveniently titled “l’aventure” and then followed lunch with a carriage ride drawn by a happy white horse.


We checked out of the hotel, stopped at the closest Tim Horton’s and then headed to the Cape! We drove through Vermont, New Hampshire, and then finally Massachusetts.

A happy weekend and a wonderful start to my new adventure with Makenna!


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