Thanks Life

Sometimes I think it’s easy to forget the important things in life.

After being in India for just a couple of weeks, and being submersed in such poverty but at the same time surrounded by people who are merely thankful for their lives and love of their families, I thought that I had it all figured out.

I was able to grasp the idea of what’s truly important. However, I still seemed to care for my materialistic things.

When the car was broken into last week, the first thing I was worried about was my passport and green card – which is normal. Once I realized that my green card was safe, I was at ease. However, still upset because I had lost a lot of expensive things as well as meaningful things to me. My Iphone, Ipad, wallet, credit card, license, passport, money, jewelry… sketchbook, journal, watercolors, pens & pencils, and clothes. The list still makes me cringe, mainly because I feel so stupid for having all of that in one bag together.

But here’s the thing… Yeah, loosing everything isn’t necessarily ideal. But in all honestly I think it was just life slapping me in the face and reminding me, yet again, what’s important in life. After being back from India for only a mere number of weeks, I seemed to have gotten caught up in the materialistic aspects of life. Which are essentially just the bits and pieces to what actually matters to me.

So, thank you life!

Thank you for putting me back in my place and letting me enjoy the simple beauties that are found in our friendships and love with one another.


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