Oh The Irony

I went for another run this morning.

In the beginning of the path, the tree branches create a low arch where you have to duck to go under. I went through a spider web, quickly did a little dance to get the web off of me, and then continued on my way.

After about half a mile, the trees on the left disappear and there is a field that has just been plowed and covered with giant hay bails all lined up in rows.

I come up to a point and see that there is a mamma cow and two babies with her. I stop to catch my breath and think for a little bit… I wish that I had taken a picture of them because they were so precious and engulfed with one another, that they didn’t even care I was only feet away.

The path splits, and I find myself running through the wheat fields and admiring how beautifully placed each bright red poppy is within it. I focused again on the wheat… trying to figure out how I would paint it. The colours are so similar that everything would mush together and the field is so big that it could easily take up an entire canvas.

This is where it started to get ironic.

Here I am, running with the cows in a field of wheat.

For those of you who don’t know this… I am allergic to both gluten and dairy. This silly food allergy seems to be taking over my life and even surrounding me while I run!

My now organized route, which loops around through the fields and past the church, is about 2.5 miles and ends right back at Capitignano. After my first round about, I still had an hour before class, and decided that I would do it again.

Where I, yet again, ran through a few more spider webs… and always, without fail, followed it by a little dance.

I started laughing, because not only am I running past my food allergies but I’m also running into spiders… which just so happens to be my biggest fear.

There has to be a way to look at this situation and find there is some deep meaning behind it…  my initial reaction is to say run away from your fears, because they can conquer you. But, that doesn’t work, because I was purposely facing them. So, maybe something more like, when you are placed upon all your greatest weaknesses, just keep going because they can’t stop you. But, this doesn’t really sound that nice, it needs to have a little ring to it.

Anyways, as of now, I guess I will just stick with the idea of irony.

And the fact that I looked like a crazy person running, dancing, & laughing all by myself.

“The quickest way to acquire self confidence is to do exactly what you are afraid to do.”

“F.E.A.R. Forget Everything And Run.”


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