Getting Robbed

Wow. The world works in mysterious ways.

Everything happens for a reason, right?


Here was the plan:

8:00 Leave for Florence

9:00 Meet Sister Maria outside of the cathedral

12:00 Lunch

3:00 Meet outside the train station. Three of us were going to hop on a train to Rome for the weekend and Trina and I were going to take a car to the coast.


This is what actually happened:

7:00 My alarm went off and I got out of bed to get ready to go… my roommate, on the other hand, wasn’t feeling too great and realized she had a little too much wine the night before.

7:30 Everyone was downstairs eating breakfast!

8:00 We all piled into the car and headed to Florence

8:02 We turned the car around – my roommate started throwing up again and decided it was best to stay home.

8:05 Back on the road again

9:15 Parked on a side street and headed to the church

We walked up quite a bit of stairs, but when we turned around, there was an absolutely stunning view of Florence. And the inside of the church, like always, had very impressive frecos and beautiful marble work. 

12:00 We went to lunch at a fun market. I was overwhelmed by all the delicious choices and had Mark order for me – and mygoodness was it good!

12:30 We all went on our separate ways, but my painting professor, three of my friends, and I decided to get some gelato.  

1:00 Nora’s phone rings unexpectedly… It sounds like something is wrong, and my friend Suzie and I immediately think that something happened to my roommate, Alex.

1:05 Nora hangs up the phone and tells us that Alex is fine, but that our car had been broken into. Somebody smashed one of the windows and took everything that was inside. At first I was relieved, but then started to think about everything that I had left in there.  

1:30 We met at the train station a little bit earlier than expected.

1:40 Evan, Ashley, and Trina decided to continue on their weekend travels, because unlike me – and my friend Sophia – they kept their passports with them and not in the van.

1:47 I canceled my credit card and got my Iphone shut off and we headed to the police station. The wind from the broken window blew into my face and ironically calmed me down a little bit. We waited for a few hours and then were finally able to talk to someone and report everything stolen.

7:00 We went to the grocery store… I grabbed a bottle of wine, chocolate, and a toothbrush – the essentials. But, considering that I didn’t have my wallet, I had to borrow some money. Before getting back to Capitignano, it was a unanimous vote to stop for ice cream.


Everybody was pretty quiet that night, which gave me some time to think.

It really wasn’t that bad. Yeah, I lost a lot of things that I would rather not have lost… But, I can get a new passport. I still have my green card. I was able to cancel everything before they got to it. And my parents were coming in three days and could give me money. 

All it was, was an inconvenience.    

On another note, I thought this was kind of funny… Inside my moleskin journal – which they may have just tossed without even opening it – I wrote…

Name: Victoria Matthews

Address: P. Sherman 42, Wallaby Way, Sydney.

Reward if returned: Good karma 


Okay, I may not have written the address from Finding Nemo – but I did write “good karma.” And if they didn’t open it, their loss! Because not only would they have been reminded of the karma that’s going to come bite them in the butt, but I had an emergency $100 bill in there too.   

Anyways, moral of the story. The world is still turning and I am still smiling. Life is good and everything happens for a reason! Now, all I need is a hug. 


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