Slow down

There is beauty everywhere.

Right now, I am in Tuscany and in the midst of thousands of pieces of artwork and mystical things from the renaissance. As a group, we have traveled to see some of the most known places, like The Arena Chapel, The Basilica of St. Antonio, and The Brancacci Chapel.

I am always grasped by the beauty that they hold, and am dually impressed by the artist’s skill and knowledge that went into creating them. However, when given the option, I usually opt out of going to another museum or cathedral.

I have tried to put words as to why? For me, but also because I usually need to explain why I’d rather sit in town or around Capitignano instead of seeing some of Giotto’s works or visiting the German Cemetery. 

What I usually come to is that I don’t appreciate it as much as I should. I am always aware of the great history behind them and how they have sculpted not only the modern world of art, but many other important aspects of life today. However, I don’t seem to care as much as I probably should and I feel as though I am being disrespectful. 

Yesterday, after we spent a morning visiting San Marco’s Museum and Sant’appolonia, we had an hour or so of free time before it was time to meet up again for lunch. A few people were going shopping, but a majority of the group were walking over to see The Annunciation a close museum. 

I decided not to do either.

I sat outside of a little café and ordered some tea. I was sitting there and watching the hundreds of busy people walking past me, rushing to go to the Domo. Everyone was so busy and trying to get to the next thing to see… that they weren’t even paying attention to the beauty that was surrounding them in that very moment.

 I sat there, and sketched in my journal, trying to capture some of the beauty that I found so intriguing. I wanted to absorb as much of it as I could… 

I thought about how all of these things with such great beauty are being overlooked by so many people. And that I would rather spend my time seeing their unique qualities and their abandoned beauty, rather than seeing the more ‘generic’ beauty that is being displayed and showed off in different museums – To me, it is as if someone is standing there, pointing, and telling everyone what is beautiful and what isn’t.

Everyone’s definition of beauty is different. And no two people see the same thing as equally as beautiful as the other.

So… slow down in life.

Look around you and pay attention to the little things that YOU think are beautiful 


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