Finding Waldo

It was time to start painting and making our own masterpieces. But, first we had to travel to Florence and go to this cute little art store hidden in an ally right next to the Domo. We got some new materials and now ready to paint!

After Florence, we headed to an old medieval town. I didn’t recognize the name, but when we got there, I was surprised to see that I had been there before. Six years ago, we took a family trip to Europe and stayed in a villa somewhere in Tuscany – not far from where I am now. I don’t remember a lot of the details from this trip, but for some reason I remember this day very distinctly. We went to the torture chamber and walked around the town – I even remember buying earrings for a friend back home at a little side store. After a morning of enjoying each other’s company, we ate lunch at this little restaurant outside of the castle walls. My brother, John, pretended to fall off a 15ft wall, obviously trying to make our home videos a little more exciting. It was really funny, because he ended up confusing a lot of people and freaking out everybody at the restaurant.

This time, my experience at San Gimignano was a little bit different. We went to the basilica and saw the beautiful fresca paintings that were done in the 1300’s. Mark, my art history professor, explained to me the stories that they told and about the conditions they are in.

We climbed up the tower and counted the 154 steps. I made friends with a little boy with downs syndrome at the very top, where my advanced use of the Italian word “ciao” really came in handy. He had such a beautiful heart, that even just a few minutes with him brightened my day immensely.

He reminded me of my buddy back home and I thought about how much Travis would have loved to be here.

(This is a picture of us from before I left Austin)

Also, in case you were wondering, when I was looking at the view from this medieval town… I found Waldo.

Can you see him? If not, here is a closer view!

For lunch, we had wild boar sandwiches. Not necessarily my favorite thing in the world. But, the shot of limoncella and my two scoops of gelato really helped a lot.


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