Counting Cherries

Once upon a time…

There was a little girl with brown hair who loved cherries.

One day, she went to school and met a beautiful little girl with blonde hair. They spent an entire morning playing on the swings and counting as high as they could.

The little girl with brown hair was really impressed by her beautiful new friend because the girl with blonde hair could always count a little bit higher than her.

When it was finally time for lunch, the two little girls sat next to one another and opened up their lunch boxes. One by one they took something out and placed it on the table. The girl with brown hair very proudly took out a small Ziploc baggie with a few cherries in it. Her beautiful new friend smiled and reached into her box and pulled out a much bigger bag of the same cherries.

The girl with brown hair was sad; but, before she could say anything, the little girl with blonde hair very sweetly took both bags and poured them out in the middle of the table.

She started counting the cherries and putting them into two piles… one, one, two, two, three, three… They each counted the cherries together and the little girl with brown hair was happy… because she knew that they would be friends forever.

A few years later, the little girls were still best friends and still shared their lunches; the only difference was they weren’t quite so little anymore. One day, the girl with blonde went to the doctor and found out that she was sick. She needed to have 14 rounds of chemo before she would get better.

The girl with blonde hair was sad, but before she could say anything, the girl with brown hair sat down next to her… and they counted.

One, two, three… But, before they could get to 14, the beautiful little girl’s blonde hair fell out. So, the little girl with brown hair cut hers short to match. The two girls continued counting until they made it all the way to 14.

The beautiful girl’s blonde hair grew back and the two girls continued their lives and continued sharing lunches together.

One day, the doctor told the girl with blonde hair that she was sick, again. Both of the girls were sad, but before they said anything to one another… they counted.

They counted all the way to 32 and then stopped.

It was time for them to count other things together, besides rounds of chemo. So, they went on an adventure where they could count sunsets and laughs.

The two girls celebrated life and lived happily ever after.


3 thoughts on “Counting Cherries

  1. This is a beautiful story. It’s one of friendship, love, truth… real beauty. It’s a beautiful thing that these amazing little girls found each other!

  2. Wonderful story. I have a friend like that. Been together for over 25 years. Sometimes we feel like little girls when we get on the phone. Thanks for the memories

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