So, I guess since I have been in Italy for over a week, its time for me to share some of my stories about my life here! I will probably still have some random reflections and journal entrees about India… just because I can’t stop thinking about it. However, since these are more ‘in the moment” kind of blogs, they will be more entertaining. Maybe.

To start this off, I guess I should have mentioned that on my trip to India, I brought back a couple of unwanted friends. Parasites weren’t exactly in my “plan” so after only being home for a week, I headed to Italy to start my next adventure – bringing Frank and Sally (the parasites) with me. The flights weren’t bad. Actually, life wasn’t bad. I had a difficult time eating, but for everyone that knows me… if there is one thing I am good at, it’s eating. In fact, there was actually a moment before I left where my mom laughed at me and said, “You are the only person I know that eats when they are this sick.”

Anyways, after stopping in DC and making my last phone calls in the states, I headed to Frankfurt. And I was, yet again, reminded of my trip to India – I flew into the same gate that we sat at for hours while we waited, not knowing what was ahead of us.

After my last flight, I finally arrived in Florence! My art history professor, Mark, and three of the girls that are joining me for my new adventure greeted me when I landed.  I felt great, and had an adrenaline rush as we drove through town. I some how found myself surrounded by yet another beautiful place.

By the time dinner rolled around, the entire group had arrived. There are seven of us (six girls and one lucky guy) that will be spending the summer at the Capitignano estate in Italy through one of Boston University’s study abroad programs – Landscape Painting in Tuscany. I found myself sitting at a dinner table filled with laughter and joy coming from eight strangers with completely distinctive lives. We all have different pasts and different reasons for being here… but we are all sitting here in the same position and starting this chapter in our lives together.

The next couple of days were filled with adventures I wasn’t exactly looking for. It may have been the additional time change, or just how parasites work, but my body was exhausted and I had lost not only my appetite, but also my energy. I stayed in bed and slept for the next two days, and forced myself to make it down for meals and activities with the group. When I finally thought I was feeling better again… I woke up with bacterial pink eye and a pounding headache. It was time to go to the doctor.

Lynn, the lady that runs the estate (who is as sweet as can be), came and woke me up to drive to town. At this point, I had never met her before and tried my best to be polite and act myself. We talked about life, and about India – since it’s hard not to bring up where the little parasite friends came from. We parked, went to the pharmacy, back to the car, drove to the doctors, parked, went in, saw the doctor, drove back to the pharmacy, parked, went in, got my prescription, back to the car, back to the estate, and finally, back to bed… Wow. I can’t tell how much of a struggle that was. BUT, on the positive side, while we were at the pharmacy we picked up a ton of gluten free pasta – the perfect thing to get me back on my feet.

A little bit of the Tuscany fresh air, my antibiotics, and some pasta… Life in Italy immediately got a million times better.


One thought on “Tuscany

  1. Love that you’re blogging! So nice to read about your adventures… hope your unwanted friends have met their demise! I’m off to read your next intallment. 🙂

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