All we need is love

After my quick weekend cruise to the Bahamas, timing couldn’t be better to appreciate the love of my family. I was heading to Bangalore, India to work in an orphanage. I don’t think that anything could have emphasized the importance of love and the sense of “togetherness” more than this trip.

In one of our group reflections, a friend of mine brought up the fact that the boys at Abayhadahma don’t have anything and are happy… and that we have somuch at home, yet still seem to be sad or dissatisfied at times. She made a point -and had actually felt guilty about it- that because we have all this stuff, we should be happy.

This is when it hit me.

I was finally able to put a grasp to what I had been feeling… Yes, we have a lot of materialistic things and we should be extremely thankful for that. But, that doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t be sad. You always hear the saying “money can’t buy happiness” but I think when put into a situation like this, where you are surround by so much poverty, it’s difficult not to compare it to happiness. Nevertheless, whoever said that cliché statement, got it right! Happiness and sadness can’t even be compared with the things and stuff that people have.

 At home, and anywhere that we are really, if we are not allowing ourselves to get the love that we need, we will be unhappy. It doesn’t matter whether it’s love from your family, friends, or even yourself, as long as it’s honest and true. The boy’s at the orphanage have such a strong bond with one another and were able to share their love with us. In retrospect, we were all so happy being there, that it didn’t matter that we didn’t have our cell phones, computers, and all of the materialistic things we are used to. We were happy because we had a sense of community and great love within the group and with the children.

So, it makes perfect sense… It’s okay if we are at home, where we have all of our fancy things, and we are sad about something. If we just find someone that we can care for and feel that sense of community that we are lacking, we will be happy…because love is what fuels us and who we are. And we need that, over everything else.


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