Life Is Beautiful

So, this is my first blog. What is the purpose of it? I don’t know. What is it going to be about? I’m not really sure. Who’s going to read it? Probably nobody…. But, what I do know is this.

Life is beautiful.

I have spent a majority of my life seeing the beauties of life everywhere. However, not until recently have I realized how rare this actually is. Not everyone can see the beauty of simplicity or even life itself. Sometimes when things are going array it is difficult to see the beauties behind them. But, if you look closely, it is ALWAYS there.

So, I guess that is the point of this blog… to show the world, or whoever is interested, how beautiful life truly is. 


I guess another reason I am writing this blog focuses more on the “adventure” side of things. I am currently doing a lot of traveling and experiencing the beauties all over the world. I want to write a little bit about the trips I have just recently taken, the one I am currently on, and then continue with whatever adventure comes next. I hope you enjoy my stories and are inspired to see the beauties that are everywhere in this world!


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